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Dropbox Sharing Message Mac Version

Ideas Worth Sharing #1: Add Social Messaging To Dropbox Notifications

I’m a huge fan of Dropbox, it’s a great service. I think of it as an online usb drive. I can store all my important files, usually project related files, and I can invite people to share folders, which is great for collaboration. Today, I was going through my Dropbox folder deleting and organizing my […]

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The Karma Moble Hotspot Is Your Reliable WiFi On The Go

Meet Karma you’re new WiFi pal. A small sleek device that provides mobile connectivity. Best part is you simply buy the device, add data and connect. There’s no contracts and data never expires and you can earn unlimited bonus data when others connect to your device with their Karma account. I’ve had my Karma for […]

I Have A Bad Habit Of Saving Files To The Desktop

My desktop was looking a mess, so last night I spent about an hour cleaning up and organizing files on my desktop. I have a bad habit of saving files to the desktop when I’m working. This is a recent bout of laziness. I used to be hardcore about organizing all my data into neat […]

Getin Their Nerd On: Interview With Designer Andrew McGouirk

This is the first “Getin Their Nerd On” Interview post, so let me explain more about it. Getin Their Nerd On is an interview series where I’ll be interviewing Designers, Developers, Online Marketing Experts, Internet Guru’s and anyone I think is ‘Getin Their Nerd On”. The purpose of this interview series is to offer a […]