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My name is Joshua Thomas Craig and I’m the Helpful Nerd. I’m an Atlanta based
Designer and
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As a designer my goal is to create imagery with the end user in mind. What’s the purpose of your project? I’ll design the answer to that question.


I’m a WordPress nerd and it’s my core focus as a developer, allowing me to build amazing websites for everyone. WordPress provides a solid online foundation.


SEO is an ongoing effort to ensure that your website gets the traffic it deserves. I offer a variety of SEO packages to help you get targeted traffic that converts.

Digital Marketing

It’s all about strategy. Content, social engagement and advertising that brings quality traffic. Paired with monthly SEO this can produce powerful results.

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Ondore provides Powerful, customizable & cost-effective analytics software for social media & the web.

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Responsive Matters.

Once upon a time Responsive Design was just a buzz word – thrown around to attract new clients.

A phrase tossed around in the web design industry describing a methodology for creating websites and web applications that look great on variety of devices from Desktop computers to Notebooks to Smartphones.

Let’s face facts shall we? Responsive is no longer buzz, it’s no longer just a good idea or a suggestion. It’s now a standard.

It’s 2014 and having a Responsive website is crucial to your website’s success. It’s time for you as a business owner to embrace Responsive.



Noteworthy Projects

These are some of my noteworthy design and development projects.

Client Support

I totally have your back!


As my client I’ll give you access to WordPress training videos that will help you learn how to use your new WordPress website. These videos can be accessed anytime from your WordPress dashboard, simply login.


Anytime you have a question simply login at and access my online forums. Ask questions, get help and learn how to take control of your online presence. This Helpful Nerd is always here to help.

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Helpful Nerd has been more than a great web design company. Joshua and his team have offered so many great ideas for my website to generate business and give it the best-looking design for my products. He is very aware of making it user-friendly, marketing-friendly and has even offered me good ideas for social media, etc. It’s apparent that he loves what he does for a living and he is always professional. Joshua finished my website on time and it looks great. I have gotten so many compliments. I will continue to work with him in the future for updating my site. It has been a great collaboration!

—Jennifer Chanler

I was able to create a website using WordPress.  However, as a photographer the daunting task of creating the e-commerce area remained in front of me.  I contacted Josh at Helpful Nerd to seek his assistance and the rest is history.  Josh not only built the e-commerce piece but also provided me with several videos detailing the step-by-step process to follow going forward.  I would recommend Helpful Nerd to any creative in need of building, updating or fine-tuning their website.

Tim Wharton

Joshua did a really great job moving my site into, Joshua’s words, “the 21st century”. It took him 3 years to convince me, but I finally gave in. I made my site with my own html code back in 1997 and kept updating and adding to it over the years. I always figured, “Well, I’m just a lowly teach, I’m not selling anything. It’s just information. I don’t need no stinkin’ fancy site!” Boy was I wrong! I mean, yeah, I didn’t need a “fancy” site, but it could use a face-lift, and some of the coolest widgets any teacher could have! One of them is a form that my students can use to send in their homework. How cool is that? Kids can do their homework on their own computer, or ANY COMPUTER hooked to the internet! Joshua worked with me off and on throughout the summer of 2012 making sure that every step of the design process was what I wanted. I definitely shared my opinions, and so did Joshua. The collaboration we had and are still having is pretty much unequalled in any business deal I’ve made. We get on Skype and share our ideas while he updates the site. He sends video clip tutorials with his narration and working desktop on how to use WordPress and make tweaks to my site. It’s amazing Joshua! You have done a really wonderful job, and I will recommend you to all my friends.

—Dave Crowder

My colleague and I worked with Joshua when we were redesigning our company’s logo and website. From the beginning of the process, Joshua and his team has been thorough, patient and full of creative ideas. The team listens well to what we’ve had to say and is quick to respond to our questions and requests. I would definitely recommend the Joshua to anybody looking for a local creative Web Designer and Developer.

—Consult Art Inc.

Joshua’s alter ego is the Helpful Nerd. His nickname says it all. Joshua helped us find an elegant solution for an ongoing WordPress issue and streamlined the client’s process along the way.

—Mark Liebert