Site Upgrade In Progress

It’s been over a year since I’ve done any upgrades to the Helpful Nerd website. I’ve updated WordPress and made steady maintenance adjustments.

However, it’s time for some bigger changes. I am adding some new features, changing pricing and company policies as well as launching a more “Content Centric” approach to the Helpful Nerd website.

This means that once the new site is online not only will you be able to hire Helpful Nerd for any of your Design or WordPress related needs, you’ll also be able to read helpful articles that provide tips and training but also stay current with the various projects that I am working on that are in addition to Design & WordPress development.

Some new folks are being added to my “Trusted Nerd” section which will allow me to take on more projects and provide better service and support.

You can contact at 404.201.0601 or email me at josh@helpfulnerd.com

And you can review my portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/helpfulnerd

In the mean time I got some upgrades to finish.


Joshua Craig

Helpful Nerd LLC